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CD-TABCO, founded in 1982, is not a reseller/distributor; but a manufacturer with a 50 ton per day capability located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Presently we are proud to offer over 600 products with the following categories:

1. Hot and cold, solvent and water based degreasers for every industrial need, including steam and pressure cleaning.

2. Alkaline and acid, rust scale removers, plus rust inhibitors and preventives.

3. Iron, Zinc, Manganese Phosphates, and related chemicals.

4. Over 50 paint removers and acid washers/furniture/aircraft, and building refurbishers.

5. Complete line of aluminum processing chemicals including conversion coatings.

6. Synthetic and natural oil coolants, lubricants, and cutting oils.

7. Cooling tower, steam and boiler treatment chemicals.

8. Commercial and MIL-Spec solvent blends for painting industry.

9. Non-destructive inspection chemicals.

10. Specialty chemicals for printing and plating.

11. Concrete and asphalt specialty chemicals.

We currently provide some of the above products to the U.S. Defense Department, General Services Administration, Airlines, Caterpillar Company, Swift Transport, all major Diesel/Trucking Service companies in Utah, major Concrete Precasters, Print Shops, and more.



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