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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION-   A dustless powder, which is readily soluble in water.  The resulting solution is a powerful caustic type degreaser, which will dissolve most oils and paint off of ferrous parts.

METHOD OF APPLICATION-     Dissolve 8-16 oz. of this material per gallon of warm water (50-100lbs. per 100 gallons), heat to 180 degrees F., dip parts or basket of parts from 15 minutes to 5 hours, depending on the extent and thickness of soil.  Take parts out and pressure rinse with hot or cold water.  Brushing with stiff brush while rinsing may remove some additional loosened paint and carbon.

SAFETY-     This material contains caustic.  Protection for eyes, skin and clothing is required while working.  Vapors should be vented away from work area.

PACKAGING-     50 lbs, 100 lbs, 450 lb Drums.



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