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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: White, granular powder, designed for high detergency, miscibility with hard water, low foam, and high cleaning efficiency on spray lines.  Designed to be SAFE ON ALUMINUM, while removing tough soil, baked oil, and grease.

METHOD OF APPLICATION: 30-60 pounds of 1006-Lime should be dissolved in each 100 gallons of holding tank water, solution heated to 180-200 degrees F., and a line pressure of 10-20 psi maintained for a spray time of  5-30 minutes.  A clear water rinse, hot or cold, of 1 minute minimum spray time should follow.

SAFETY: There are no toxic, flammable, or harmful ingredients in this product.  However, due to high alkalinity of its solutions, protective goggles are recommended.

PACKAGING: 100 and 450 pound drums.


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