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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  A super active, brown colored mixture of solvents and activators form the bottom layer of this product.  This layer will strip most paints in minutes; and decarbonize valves, platons, heads, etc. in time relavant to the degree of carbon build up.

A yellow top layer (15%) to prevent active solvents from evaporation and inhibit further rusting of cleaned, decarbonized parts as they come out of solution.

METHOD OF APPLICATION: Product is used as is without any dilution.  Care must be taken that parts are immersed in lower layer only, and preferably suspended, so they don't touch bottom.  15-30 minutes on light jobs such as carburetors: 2-24 hours on heavy carbon build-up such as pistons, heads, etc.  Greasy and heavily soiled parts should be pre-cleaned in TABCO 1002 (hot tank) or TABCO 1008 (cold tank) before immersion in this tank, for longer tank life.  A pressure rinse with hot or cold water or steam will leave shiny clean parts.  Some loosened carbon may require hand brushing with a stiff bristle brush while rinsing.

SAFETY: This product contains phenol.  All precautions for protection of eyes, skin, and clothing should be taken while handling.

PACKAGING: 5 and 55 gallon drums.


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