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Gel-type Aircraft Cleaner


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - Amber colored, clear gel. Formulated from a mixture of Citrolene and powerful detergents to attack oily, carbonatious soil, created by aircraft-engine exhaust fumes. The gel-nature of product enables it to hang on to vertical surfaces, for as long as it takes to remove the soil... a few minutes. NO SOLVENTS  means it is safe on most wire insulations, painted surfaces...and DEFINITELY ALL METALS.

METHOD OF APPLICATION - Make sure the surface-to be cleaned is not hot. Brush or spray (PPot or Airless) onto soiled, area. Allow 5-10 minutes dwell time. Work into excessively dirty areas with the help of a stiff brush, pressure rinse.

SAFETY - No toxic fumes or flammable solvent. As is product has a Tag-Open flash of over 140 F. Safe on most painted & plastic surfaces. Neutral pH makes it safe on all metals. This product also meets all corrosion and safety parameters of MIL-C-43616.

PACKAGING- 5 and 55-gal drums. Will ship to anywhere in the world.












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