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Gel-type Mastic/Adhesive Cleaner


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Amber colored, clear gel. Formulated from a mixture of Citrolene and powerful detergents to attack tile and carpeting adhesives. The gel-nature of product enables it to hang on to vertical surfaces, for as long as it takes to remove the contaminants. Citrolene base means no toxic waste to get rid of, no noxious odors, biodegradable and user friendly.


METHOD OF APPLICATION: Sweep and wipe intended area free of dirt and dust.  Brush, roller or spray Tablime, allow a dwell time of 15 minutes to 15 hours depending on severity of containment. Move and agitate loosened contaminate with a stiff brush. Scrape and remove loosened containment. Spray rinse or mop residual chemical.


SAFETY: No toxic fumes or flammable solvent. As is product has a Tag-Open flash of over 140 F. Safe on most wiring, painted & plastic surfaces. Neutral pH makes it safe on all metals. This product also meets all corrosion and safety parameters of MIL-C-43616.


PACKAGING: 5 and 55 gallon drums. Will ship to anywhere in the world.


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