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9003 - F



PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This water-white liquid is a powerful mixture of acids and detergents designed for removal of oxide and tarnish from aluminum, steel, and stainless, leaving a satin-bright finish.  This is also an excellent surface pre-test for good paint adhesion and light etching.

METHOD OF APPLICATION: One part of TABCO 9003 with 20 to 100 parts of water will take care of most jobs.  Parts should be immersed or sprayed for one to five minutes, depending on the desired finish required, followed by a thorough cold water rinse.  Cold water is normally used for dilution; however, heating up to 120 degrees F. will speed up the process.  Higher concentrations may be needed on extra heavy oxide layers or if a heavier etch is required.

NOTE: Parts must be oil and grease free before acid brightening.

SAFETY: This material contains mineral acids and HYDROFLUORIC ACID.  Safety precautions for protection of eyes, skin and clothing must be worn at all times while handling this material.

PACKAGING: 5 and 55 gallon drums.


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