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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: JET COM-81 is a super concentrated high solids/active content (20%), water-based cleaner, designed to take the place of solvent/emulsion-type cleaners.  It is a grease cutter without the bother of solvents.  It is safe to use on all metallic surfaces, painted or unpainted.

METHOD OF APPLICATION: Interior or Exterior: 

(a) - For foam application:  Depending on the equipment used, a 5-10% dilution will provide a thick foam - which will hang to vertical surfaces, brushed and rinsed.

(b) - For wipe or spray application: Use the same dilution as above.

SAFETY & SPECS: Non-flammable and non-toxic.  All surfactants are biodegradable.  This material meets all safety requirements of Douglas (CSD-1) and Boeing Spec (D6-17487) and MIL-C-(+PRF)-87937, and all AMS Corrosion Specs relating to A/C exterior and interior cleaners.  It also has been approved per MIL-C-87159 and MIL-C-85570, MIL-C(PRF), and 87937, T-II.

PACKAGING: 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.

[This product may also be used as aircraft interior cleaner, at maximum concentration of 5% in water (1-part chemical to 20-parts water).  At this level it will conform to requirements of AMS-1550B.]


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