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  (T = thick,  - 4 = Concentrate)



PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Light amber color liquid, formulated from a combination of aromatic solvents and powerful detergents. This highly effective degreaser, which is mixed with water to make it economical, will match degreasing properties of most solvents; the only difference is no toxicity, no fumes, and no flammability. The powerful degreaser/de-carbonizing effect of this product can best be observed on engine cowlings, exhaust tracks, wheel wells and areas of hydraulic leak.

METHOD OF APPLICATION: (a) With the thick version , do not dilute further, spray or brush on, allow 5-minutes dwell time, Rinse. (b) With concentrated-thin version ( -4) Mix each gallon of JET EMUL with two to ten gallons of water, considering the extent of soil, and mop, brush, spray or foam onto the soiled area. One to ten minute dwell time, followed by steam or high-pressure rinse will do the trick. The mixture can be heated to 120°-130° Fahrenheit and parts are immersed. This will take the place of vapor degreasing; especially where chlorinated solvents can be damaging to certain alloys. The high detergent content of this product is ideal for foam generator devices.

SAFETY: (DO NOT USE ON CLEAR ACRYLIC PLASTICS) There are no toxic or flammable solvents in this product. At a 1:10 dilution, the mixture has a tag open cup flash of 180° Fahrenheit. It is safe on most metals, paints and rubber components. This material meets all AMS Corrosion Specs relating to A/C exterior and interior cleaners.

PACKAGING: 5 and 55 gallon drums.

SPECIFICATION: Meets MIL-C-43616, TYPE I and MIL-C-87936, TYPE II.


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