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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: This product is used to create exposed aggregate surfaces on precast panels or slabs; to roughen concrete walls for improved bonding of water-proofing or plastering and to expose walkways, curbs and roadways for esthetic as well as slip resistant purposes.


  1. A. Clean forms, or concrete slap, into/upon which fresh concrete is to be poured.
  2. B.  Apply RELEASE OIL to the areas of the form which are not going to be retarded.  Since most Release oils are compatible with our Wax Retard, you don't have to worry about any interference or contamination.
  3. C. Mix Dry-Wax Retard with a paint mixer blade for good 2-3 minutes, making sure there are no lumps ( Undissolved chemical ) at the bottom of container.
  4. D. Apply Retard with brush or roller...the same as if you were painting any surface,  with a VERY THIN COAT... and no bare SPOTS. Don't go over the wet spots again. This will pick up original coat. Allow to dry first. ( For deeper etch..allow first coat to dry 15-minutes, then apply a second coat ). Since this material dries fast & not lose any activity upon sitting, It can be used 15-minutes after application or 15-hours / 15-days.  

COVERAGE: 100-250 square feet per gallon, depending on the thickness of the coat.   (Remember, a very thick coat is only A WASTE OF GOOD CHEMICAL.)


PACKAGING: 5 gallon buckets; for ease of mixing.

CLEANING: Brushes, Rollers & Form Floor, can all be cleaned with cool water & perhaps a stiff brush…or hot-water pressure wash. No oils & flammable solvent are needed.


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