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Roller Wash


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: A mixture of detergents, glycol ethers, and alkaline cleaners, designed to remove the most stubborn stains & residue from plastic rollers.

This residue is normally left by polymeric developers & masks used in I.C. Board manufacturing… and best removed  by brake down of those polymers, without affecting the rollers & seals.

METHOD OF APPLICATION: Calculate the Usable Volume of the holding tank and spray system, fill the system half full of warm water ( not hot )… fill the other half with Tabco 2002. Turn on the heat & sprayers  until a temp of  120-160 F is achieved. Continue spraying , at that temp, for 1-hr. Check for cleaning. Repeat if necessary. When job is complete, save the used chemical for next time. Drain tank. Flush the system out, at lease twice, with clean water. Check for neutral pH=7. (Adding a gallon of vinegar to the final  rinse water, will facilitate neutralization). 

NOTE: For best results, add 5 gallon of  2002-Booster, for every 50-gal-2008-used while charging the tank.

SAFETY: This chemical, though safe on plastic rollers, IS NOT TO BE USED ON ANY ALUMINUM PARTS.  It contains Sodium hydroxide; Therefore, full face mask, rubber gloves & apron must be worn while handling.

DISPOSAL: Once this product is diluted & neutralized (pH=7-8) there should be no hazardous components that could not be disposed. However every location has it's own set of regulations-- regarding disposal. Therefore those reg's should be reviewed before disposal.

PACKAGING: 5, 55, 275 Gallon containers. 


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