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                           ALUMINUM SAFE PRESSURE WASH



PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:   A pink liquid with mild alkalinity to be used with dry steam units as well as hot water pressure washers. Cleans the grimiest soils, while safe on metal alloys as aluminum, galvanized steel, etc.


METHOD OF APPLICATION:  Dilute 1 part of 2006-P with 2 parts of water and feed steam units reservoir.  Adjust units mixture control for 1:10 ratio.  Final concentration of material in use should be from 1:20 up to 1:100; varying concentration with extent of soil.  Follow by pure hot water rinse.


SAFETY:   This material is safe on all alkali sensitive metals, such as aluminum and zinc.  However, due to its mild alkalinity, eyes should be protected with goggles, and to prevent skin rash, gloves are recommended.



PACKAGING:  5 and 55 gallon drums.


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